Rare cancers account for 1 in 4 cancer patients.


Despite that over a quarter of cancer patients are battling rare forms -the inequities are not being addressed. When facing the fight of your life and little is known to assist you in doing so, navigating the system can feel terribly lonely and next to impossible. Aside from the emotional impact a rare cancer diagnosis leaves, the economic impact and direct welfare of rare cancer patients is a heavy burden.

Rare cancer patients endure the following unique challenges:

  • Incorrect or late diagnosis

  • Conflicting information regarding appropriate treatment

  • Deemed unprofitable resulting in limited to no interest in research to develop effective therapies

  • Limited access to advanced clinical trials due to restrictive and exclusionary requirements set in drug approval process

  • Heavier financial burden due to lack of standard treatments and insurance compliance issues

  • Limited patient support groups relevant to the unique obstacles rare cancers encounter

With over 200,000 more rare cancer diagnoses projected for 2017 alone, the time to act is now. Rare Cancer Aware aims to revolutionize the way we understand and treat those with rare cancers through various outreach programs both at the local and national level. We are committed to advocating for rare cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones.





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