Our Clinical Trial Helpline will pair rare cancer patients to volunteer medical oncology professionals who will offer their expertise to help patients review potential clinical trials.

Due to lack of standard treatment options, rare cancer patients are constantly faced with having to find experimental treatments in an effort to continue their fight. However, the manner in which clinical trials are presented ( often requires a higher comprehension level of medical terminology than the average person. This leads to an increasingly difficult situation leaving patients unsure of which clinical trials to pursue.

Imagine for a moment, the panic of exhausting all standard forms of treatment and your next best bet is scouring the internet for possible trials, only to be met with info that requires a science degree to properly understand. The sheer frustration and feeling of being cast aside when time is of the essence is overwhelming.


We can do better. And with your help, Rare Cancer Aware will recruit dedicated and qualified volunteers to bridge the information gap so that rare cancer fighters can do just that -fight.

Launching in winter 2017...
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