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The emotional and mental toll cancer takes on a person is no secret. But what happens all too often in many cancer support organizations is rare cancers are left out of the conversation, agenda and resources developed. The unique set of obstacles one faces as a rare cancer and the inability to directly connect with those who share the same type of cancer naturally takes a heavy toll on an already difficult situation.

By simply being rare, you may not find someone with your cancer type in your local community. However, there may be someone who shares your rare cancer a few cities or a few states away. Rare Cancer Aware is helping rare cancer patients find one another for mental, emotional and organizational support by partnering with Cancermates. This social network is designed for the cancer community in an effort to connect cancer patients with those who share their type of cancer. Cancermates allows people to create a simple cancer profile, and from then on the app is constantly searching for patients that share the same cancer type (or mutation if known). If the patients wish to connect with suggested comrades they can do so instantly.


There is no reason a cancer patient should ever feel alone while battling to save their life.

The social network will also be open to caregivers and medical oncology professionals seeking to advance the support given to rare cancer patients. It is our hope that by connecting rare cancer patients through a series of detailed algorithms that the exchange of information will lead to more lives saved. Stay tuned for our exciting release!

More information to be released closer to launch of app.

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